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Prickelus Gets Caught - Written and illustrated by Rebecca Buxton 


What is this book about?


Prickelus is a clumsy hoglet who loves to eat. When his tummy rumbles, he ignores his mother's warnings and ventures outside the safety of his nest. With his sister, Hoggleberry, the adventure that the pair find themselves in is their biggest - and most dangerous - yet. Readers are invited to join the inquisitive hoglets as they navigate machinery, foxes, bonfires, and a very smelly drain! Prickelus Gets Caught is a heart-warming adventure that reminds readers of the importance of tenacity and the kindness of humans who are willing to help. Readers will find a thrilling adventure story alongside puzzles, autumn crafts and tasty recipes, creating a fun experience for the whole family. 




Book & Pen Prickelus Gets Caught

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