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Welcome to Honey Tree Farm

Rebecca Buxton

Hello there! I'm Rebecca Buxton, a passionate author, illustrator, and artist—my books for children are about nature, well-being, and the environment. I also create homemade artwork such as needle felting, acrylic paintings, crochet, knitwear, and sculpture, all available from my shop. I hope you enjoy browsing my website. I also visit schools to inspire students about wildlife and nature and to encourage them to face challenges and follow their dreams. If your school is local to Nottingham and you would like me to visit, please contact me (details below). It will be lovely to hear from you.

 “Given the right help, everyone can write their own story.

Nothing can stop you fulfilling your dreams if you have

enough determination and passion!”

(Rebecca Buxton 05/02/2023)

Prickelus Gets Caught
The World of Honey Tree Farm
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